We produce an array of products ranging from balanced staple foods to soups, gravies, colddrinks, jellies and custard powders.


The food packs consist of Rice / Pasta / Samp / Samp & Beans / Maize Rice / Pap (Maize) with a Mince Gravy packed in quantities from 1Kg to 10Kg, serves 104 adults/208 children. The Mince gravies are available in Beef, Mutton or Chicken and have 7 different flavours, e.g. Beef/Chicken/Mutton & Onion, Beef/Chicken/Mutton BBQ, etc. Then we also have the Mince gravies separate in Beef, Mutton or Chicken with 7 different flavours, e.g. Beef/Chicken/Mutton onion, tomato extract etc.

The most popular food products are our Pasta, Steak & Onion, Beef Strogonoff and Chicken Bolognaise. These products are a meal on it’s own, or you can either add more pasta, meat or veggies to stretch it further. The Pasta, Steak & Onion and Beef Strogonoff can be stretched even further when eaten with rice, maize rice, pap or samp. They are available in 500g, 1Kg and can also be packed up to 10Kg packs.


The soups are available in 8 different flavours e.g. Chicken, Minestrone, etc. Packed in quantities from 1Kg to 10Kg.

The colddrinks are available in 6 different flavours. Packed in quantities from 500g which makes 17,5 litres of colddrink to 10kg which makes 350 litres of colddrink.


The Jelly’s and Custard powder are available in 1Kg packs.

Family hampers are also available which consist of a hamper for 4 and 6 persons for 7 and 30 days. Soap Hampers for 4/6 and 12 persons, 6 and 12 days.

Only on request and allow 2-5 days for delivery.